Managing Your Child's Screen Time

Do We Really Need to Limit Screen Time?

Probably. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that real-life, active play is essential to kids’ healthy development, as much as is healthy eating and getting enough sleep. 
It isn’t a huge leap to believe that too much screen time cuts into kids’ healthy amounts of play and sleep.

As a matter of fact, it is recommended that there is no screen time at all for kids under one and limiting screen time to one hour for kids up to age five.

Here are some ways you can limit, yes limit, screen time for your kids in today’s world.

Get off your own screen (yes, that’s YOU!)

Be a role model. There is a time and a place for watching or scrolling or searching, but show your kids how you limit your own electronic use. Nothing is sadder than a child trying to get the attention of their parent, who is glued to their screen.

Tell your kids the impact of too much screen time.

Staring at the screen is bad for our eyes, scatters our attention, makes us ignore people in the room who talk to us, and keeps us from doing important things that need to be done

Technology-Free Zones

Establish zones in your house where you just don’t allow electronics, like smartphones and laptops. For example, the dining room can be a great technology-free zone that is reserved for meals and family conversation.

Turn off the TV during Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Set aside times for the entire family to become unplugged from technological devices. For example, the dinner hour or an hour before bedtime can be great times for the entire family to have quality time together without TV

Use parental controls to help limit screen time

Until the kids are old enough to figure them out and lock you out of them. Use parental controls that allow you to monitor what your children are viewing on TV and what they’re doing online

Encourage Other Activities

Kids easily grow dependent on technology for entertainment. Encourage your children to become involved in activities that don't involve screens. (Play outside, read a book or play a game) 

What are other ways you’ve reduced screen time for your kids? 

You remember? this was the games that helped us grow and seek friendships with which we shared our healthy desire to play and learn.